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From: dude sweet
Subject: Breakfast BonerYes, I know that is a weird title, but this is a weird story. We all have to
get up at 6 in order to eat breakfast with our dad before he leaves for
work. This is my moms idea of family time. I would much rather have the
extra 45 minutes of sleep. I don't like getting up and talking about my day
yesterday at 6 in the fucking morning. Starting a few months ago when
school started back up and I started 9th grade, I started coming to
breakfast in my boxers as photo naturist preteens
a protest. No shirt, no shorts, just boxers. It
was my way of saying that 6 oclock sucks.My brother wears his pajama bottoms or gym shorts and a t shirt, basically
what he sleeps top preteen toys
in. My dad is already dressed in his tie and my mom is
usually in a robe. Well this morning when my mom asks my brother how is day
was and what is he preteen pretty portal learning at school, the usually questions, he responds
that they are doing sex education now. I remember that preteen barbie gallery
class. They really
don't teach much about sex, just mostly about cells and baby development.
He says nn preteen nymphs he heard some boys talking and he wanted to know what is jacking
off. Well I sure wasn't ready for that. I preteen sleeping pics almost spit out my cereal. I
mean it's a ok question to ask dad. Privately. When your alone. But not ok
at breakfast. Defiantly not ok.Well my crazy dad starts to explain it to him while I'm trying to down my
runny scrambled eggs. Also, I get extremely embarrassed and, you guessed, a
boner. A boner in boxers, with no t shirt is not easy to hide. Shit, why
are we talking about sex stuff at breakfast. When dad had that talk with me
it was privately in my room. Well he and my brother are just talking about
it and discussing it as if it was geography or something. I wanted to
leave, but we weren't allowed to. Plus I had a boner. Well at some point
my mom says something to me that I don't hear because I am to busy studying
my breakfast wishing I was somewhere else. Or had some pants on. She
repeates, Ryan get some more milk. What? I am supposed to get up with my
boxers tented nn preteen nymphs
out and show the world my boner just to get some milk. Well
it was photo naturist preteens my morning for breakfast chores but I'd rather get in trouble than
get banned preteen handjob
up. So my dad looks at me, mad, and says did you hear your mother.I am still so embarrassed I can't look at anyone japaneese preteen pics in the eye, I keep studying
my eggs like they were something cool to look at. I mumble, "I don't want
anymore milk." My dad looks at me and says "What's wrong with you?" Then
he looks over and even though I am trying to hide my boner by they way I am
sitting, I think he sees it. I mean he used to be a kid. He probably
figured out my problem. Lucky for me he takes pity on me and he gets the
milk. Well when he looks at my boner, it makes my brother curious I guess
and so he looks at it. He has a much better view from the way I am sitting.
Then he shouts out, for the world to hear "Ryans got a huge boner." Well
he's dead now. I just need to think of how and when. I didn't think I
could get more embarrassed than when my dad saw it, but stupid Steve had to
announce it to the world. Even more embarrassing, my mom comes to my rescue
and says, "Stevie, that's a very rude thing to say. Everyone has a right to
their privacy. Now you apologize." I am still studying my interesting eggs.Steve says "Sorry Ryan. Didn't mean to embarrass you." Then to my dad,
"but what's the big deal? You said it was a very normal thing?" Did you
ever notice that with runny eggs you can make continents and lakes, even a
map? I don't know what they are talking about, but breakfast is finally,
mercifully over. My brother goes and I'm still trying to figure out what to
do. Once again my mom rescues me. She says, "I think I'll clear the table
and do the dishes today." Thank you mom. I love you mom. And my dad says
"Don't worry son." Worry? Me? The only thing I was only worried about was
how long I would spend in jail when they found my preteen forbidden collection brother dead. When dad
turns to say something to mom, I make my escape to my room. I don't want to
see my brother, so I don't use the bathroom. preteen aceboard bbs I don't shower, pee, brush my
teeth or anything. You see both of our bedrooms are connected to the same
bathroom. He is never embarrassed. He never shuts the door or locks it. He
might be taking a dump when I walk in. He doesn't care if I see him naked,
or even if mom or dad sees him. Very weird. Anyway even though he knocks
on my door I ignore him. I can do without a shower, and they got bathrooms
at school.Since we go to different schools we have different ways to walk. But when I
come home from school, almost over my morning embarrassment he is in my
room. He says, "please can we talk?" I say "talk about what?" I wonder if
there's a way I can make his death look like an accident? He says "I'm
really, really sorry. I didn't know it would embarrass you. Please?" I
guess I am weakening cause I say "Well you shouldn't have talked about that
stuff at breakfast." Maybe I will just break an arm. Or maybe a finger.You see, here is the real problem. I'm gay. I never did anything with
anybody else, but boys are all I think about. I even like looking at my
brother when he's naked or in the bathroom even though I pretend to be
grossed out. He's really cute. That's the main problem. I like him to much.
His talking about `erections' and `masturbation' just about knocked me out
at breakfast. He keeps apologizing and begging me to forgive him, so I say
"Ok, your forgiven, now leave me alone." He jumps up and gives me a hug.
Well I have a boner just from what we were talking about, but with my
clothes on, its invisible. He says "please, please can I ask you some
questions?" I say "about what?" He says "about what we were talking about
this morning?" "Yeah, what do you want to know?"He says "How do you do it?" "Do what?" "Jack off, masturbate, you know."
Now I really have to think about this. I am wondering if its ok to tell him.
I figure I started n 7th grade, so he's probably ready. preteen thong sock
And since he's
asking, maybe I should preteen sleeping pics tell him. "You grab your boner like photos preteens underwear
this and move it
like this," I demonstrate with my hand in the air. he asks, "Can you show
me?" I said "Show you how to jack off?" He says "yes preteen photos panty please, I'll do
anything." MMM, anything? This might be cool. I say "do my chores for 2
weeks. All of them. Dishes, clean my room, the bathroom, all of my
chores." He quickly says yes. I say "and you can't tell mom or dad or
anyone. Not at breakfast, not ever." he quickly agrees again. Shit, maybe
I should have asked for more. So I add, "and do anything preteen barbie gallery
I say." He agrees
again, but I can't thing of anything else to add. He says, "So show me
now?" I say "Only when nobodys here, or at night." The truth is I had a
huge horney boner in my pants just busting to get out and show him, but no
way was I going to risk getting caught. preteen bra He gives me another hug and leaves.Its not to long, when we're doing homework in the kitchen and my mom asks us
if we want to go to the grocery store with her. "No" we both say, almost
exactly at the same time. As soon as she leaves, my brother grabs my arm and
is pulling me to my room. I only pretend to be uninterested. I say "first
we get naked." Even before I can get my shoes and socks off, he is naked.
Boner sticking straight up. Nice. About 4 inches I guess, and no hair of
course. Even though he sometimes walks around naked, its never a boner.
Well I take my time looking and getting undressed. He is staring, waiting
for me to pull down my boxers. When I finally pull them down and out it
pops, he is empressed. I haven't let him see me since I started getting
hair. So now he sees my tons of hair and my almost 6 inch boner standing
up, proudly. I just sit there and let him stare. he finally looks at my
face and says "Wow." I say "hey, you'll probably have the same someday."
He says "I sure hope so."We are both sitting on my bed, naked, with boners sticking straight up. I
reach under my bed and in my puzzle box and pull out my lotion. I squirt it
on my hand, then preteen photos panty his. I start to go at it. He watches me, then begins,
imitating me. Man, this is even cooler than I imagined it would be. So
when I get close, I say watch mine and as I shoot, he is amazed. He asks
"That's sperm right" I say "yep." He has stopped jacking his and says "can
I touch it?" "Sure" I respond. He gets some out of my belly button, smushes
it around in his hand and says "kinda slimy." "Yeah" I say. He says "when
will I make sperm?" "Probably this year I guess. Did you get a tingly
feeling in your balls when you we jacking it?" He said "No, maybe I was
doing it wrong, would you do it for me?" Here he was asking, begging me to
jack him. Way better than any fantasy I ever had.Instead of answering I get more lotion on my hand, grab his and start. "Lay
back and enjoy" I tell him. I can tell he is liking this. Maybe as much as
I am. He finally giggles and says "stop, stop it tickles to much. Was that
it?" "Yeah" I say, "and it gets better the more you do it." "It felt better
when you were doing mine" he says. "I wouldn't know I said," hoping he
would say, what he did say. "Can I do yours?" "Yes," I say, pretending its
not that big of a deal.He lubes up his hand and even though he doesn't do it real good, it feels
great. I announce my countdown, "3,2,1" and some oozes out. It doesn't
squirt, cause I nude preteen 14yo
just jacked it like 5 minutes ago. I tell him "squeeze it
gently all out." He does and then rubs it around his hands and fingers and
even smells it. I say "It's best to clean up with toilet paper" as we go to
the bathroom. He cleans his even though he don't have any sperms on his.
After we go back in my room and dress, he gives me another hug and says
thank you.Maybe I won't kill him.
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